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The following is a list of documents needed in order to assist in our due diligence and allow us to formally present feasible terms:

  • Commercial Real Estate Loan Application (Signed)
  • Property - Color Photos (Digital Preferred)
  • Property - Fully Executed Copies of Contracts
  • Property - Appraisal copy, if available
  • Property - Rent Roll Form (Signed)
  • Property - Current Operating Statement (YTD or trailing 12)
  • Property - 3 years tax returns (if purchase, operating statements ok)
  • If refinance, account statement(s) for any debts to be paid off
  • If purchase, copy of lease for existing business location
  • Form 4506-T for each Borrower and Guarantor
  • Resume for each Guarantor, Principal, Officer and Manager
  • Guarantor - Personal Information and Financial Statement Form (Signed)
  • Guarantor - 3 years tax returns
  • Guarantor - Copies of W-2's
  • Business - Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet for most recent month-end
  • Business - 3 years tax returns or 3 years Profit & Loss Statements
  • Affiliates & Subsidiaries (if applicable, see Application Section 5) - tax returns, financials & debt schedule may be required.
  • If SBA, Form 912 for each Guarantor, Principal, Officer and Manager
  • Additional Documents as required per Application (see Section 6)
  • Fee Agreement (to be determined)

All documents to be completed and signed by Borrower(s)/Guarantor(s). Additional documents may be requested for underwriting purposes. Please contact our office in order to verify the necessary documents for your particular loan request.

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